Smart, web-based programs for cloud computing services

Artologik are programs with smart features and easy handling. We believe in the intelligent simplicity and we have a good generic term for this: SMART!

The benefits of Artologik ® are:

  • The Artologik software is web-based and runs as cloud computing services.
  • You always have access to the programs through the Internet. You can work anywhere, while traveling or at home.
  • The programs are multilingual, there are no problems working in different languages ​​in the same program.
  • The Artologik programs are developed on the user's conditions of work in practice. Our programs have been web-based for 15 years, so we have both the knowledge and the experience of cloud computing services.

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Five facts

Cloud services

By using our Cloud Computing Services you skip the installation step and get access to flexible and easy-to-use programs which are updated regularly, without any extra cost. The programs are available from any computer – all it takes is internet access. 

Try for free

We always offer you a 30 day trial period with no obligation to buy for all of our products. In this way you can get to know the programs before you make a decision. If you want a more in-depth introduction, we also have free of charge demo-viewings. 

Web based

Web based software is applications installed centrally on a web server, either your own or Artisan’s server. The application is then given a URL and is made available for users via the web. All it takes to use the program is a browser; nothing needs to be installed locally. 


We live in a global world and our programs are therefore adjusted for several languages. The Artologik programs make it possible to work with the same document , using different languages. Our programs are available in Swedish, English, French, German and Spanish.


We have worked with web based solutions since 1995 and when others started to talk about cloud computing we already had a vast experience. Our products are characterized by user-friendliness - without ever compromising on advanced functions.

We already use the Artologik programs

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