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EZbooking - Online booking tool

Artologik EZbooking is a user-friendly and reliable web based booking tool ideal for reservations of internal resources. Thanks to the flexible user management it is easy to control which objects the different users can book, as well as when they can book them and at which price.

The object administration lets you set opening hours per object, as well as schedules and prices, and you can add as many comment fields as you like in order to collect the information you require from the users making the bookings.

The information is centralized which means you always have access to the latest version and the calendars offer a great overview, whether you want to see bookings for a specific week, month, object or user. EZbooking also lets you generate useful reports – such as booking coverage and invoice details – with the click of a button.

EZbooking: simple, available and flexible!

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Five facts

Many areas of usage

Our customers use the program for booking facilities and conference rooms, resources, meetings and courses. The plug-ins EZ-Visit and EZ-Order also allow you to register visitors and make orders. What are your needs?

Great flexibility

With our powerful booking system the users get access to hundreds of bookable objects. The flexibility of the program means EZbooking can be easily adjusted in order to suit your organisation’s needs and conditions.

Mobile interface

It is easy to book – even if you’re not sitting in front of the computer. The EZbooking mobile interface lets you create and see bookings in your smartphone or tablet.


EZbooking is web based and you can make your bookings wherever you are – as long as there is an internet connection. The interface gives you a great overview of bookings and objects.

Invoice data

Do you need data for invoicing? No problem! In EZbooking you can easily create different types of reports and you do it with just a few clicks of a button.

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  • You can find more information about our trial sites here.

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