HelpDesk – web-based trouble ticket and support software

HelpDesk provides a well-organised overview of support matters and stores all related information in one place. The support tool has practical functions like an FAQ, delegation, a knowledge database and SLA.

It is possible to create customized log-in pages, making it easy for your customers to register trouble tickets, regardless of whether you're working in IT support, customer services or HR. The program is flexible and customizable and supports several ITIL processes.

Both internal and external support matters are easily handled and since all communication is saved, knowledge and experience within the organisation can be used in an even better way.

Flexible request registration

Each type of request can have its own registration form. This  results in less work with request handling.

Request handling via e-mail

All email communication, documents and list of actions is stored directly in the ticket, for easier handling.

Efficient reports

It is easy to create different types of reports. They can give basic data for plan staffing and for preventing support.

Easy to learn

The program is easy and intuitive. Instructional videos and help texts makes it even easier to get started.

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  • All entered data is - and always will be - private.
  • Adjust the settings to suit your organisation.
  • You can find more information about our trial sites here.

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