Prices for renting Artologik HelpDesk

Artologik HelpDesk is available in three license editions. License restriction concerns the total number of users that can take care of business, ie, ticket operators and administrators. The number of users determines which edition your organisation needs. Otherwise there are no limits and the different license editions have identical functionality.

License for renting

Our rental solution means that the program is installed on our data center, with high security and availability. This will give you a worry-free handling of the program. The rent includes program license costs, site costs and service agreement.

Initially, the binding period is 6 months. Thereafter it runs on a monthly basis. The startup cost, which includes set-up cost structure and the first 6 months of rent will be charged at the start. After the starting period the billing is made every three months. The notice period is three months.

  Light Standard Enterprise ExtraPack
Maximum number of ticket operators2510+51
Rental Agreement (monthly cost)    
Set-up (mandatory one-time cost)1901901900
HelpDesk - Licence80/month160/month270/month40/month
HD-Advanced - Rental (/Month)30/month60/month120/month0/month
HD-LDAP - Rental (/Month)25/month45/month90/month0/month
HD-TIME - Rental (/Month)30/month60/month120/month0/month
HD-Track - Rental (/Month)30/month60/month120/month0/month
Other services and products    
Online training with Service agreement (price per hour)65/hour
Training full day (travel costs will be added)1,075
Training half day (travel costs will be added)640
 1. Extrapack is only available for the Enterprise edition.
Prices:All prices shown excluding VAT

All prices are subject to alteration.

Service agreement

The rental agreement includes a service agreement which provides access to:

  • free technical support - via our online helpdesk, e-mail, phone or fax(respond within one working day)
  • free program updates - new versions, functions etc
  • upgrade warranty (only pay the difference when upgrading to a larger edition)
  • lower costs for distance education
Service agreements for additional functions are included when you are renting them.