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Our survey software Survey&Report is available in five languages – apart from English, also in Swedish, German, French and Spanish – and surveys can be translated and published in 67 different languages.
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Do you perform recurring surveys? If so, you probably want to be able to compare the results in order to see variations and trends more clearly. This can be done with the plug-in SR-Advanced Report, which contains a comparison function.
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No matter which type of support you offer and no matter the size of your organisation, Artologik HelpDesk can assist you in your support work. For organisations with many objects to support and a more complex structure, the plug-in HD-Advanced off...
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Time to schedule a conference? With EZbooking you can, at the same time as booking the conference room, register the visitors, book extra equipment – as for example beamer and laptop – and order the coffee for the afternoon break. This saves time ...
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The plug-in SR-Evaluate make it possible to automate your survey construction, data collection and evaluation. The automation means that big organisations with a re-occurring flow of surveys can save time, since the administrator only have to comp...
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In our ticketing software we offer several different report types in order for you to easily extract statistics for follow-up and evaluation of the ticket handling. By help of the reports support can be prevented, educational efforts can be put in...
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When analyst company QS presented their World University Rankings 2014/15, several of our customers could be found in the list of the best universities in the world.
Did you know EZbooking has a mobile interface? This means you can make your bookings on the go – wherever you are!