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Do you want to keep track of the tickets when the ticket list is not opened in your browser? By activating the e-mail reminder you are notified when new tickets have been registered for the objects you have selected. It is also possible to create ...
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As Europe’s leading specialist publisher of agricultural media, the Landwirtschaftsverlag Münster relies on Artologik Survey&Report for the multiple large surveys which are sent to their one million readers each month.
Now and then you need to collect additional information from users booking your objects. Does the person making a car booking have a drivers licence? How many people will be using the sauna? Have the user read the booking agreement? For occasions ...
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By using the function Ticket classification you can learn even more about your support. Which type of tickets do you handle? If, for example, user questions constitute a majority of the tickets, a training day might be needed.
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Christmas is upon us and we would like to wish you a joyful holiday and a happy new year.
Communication should be easy and straight forward and we have therefore made the mailing function in Survey&Report smooth and user-friendly. You can create different types of mailings and design them according to your own requirements.
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With our software you can demand that users connect via a so called https connection. To use an https connection means that the transmission between the web server and the browser is encrypted through SSL (Security Sockets Layer) technique.
The booking software Artologik EZbooking offers the possibility to book several objects at once. For the conference day you might, for example, require smaller rooms for the afternoon workshop. If so you can use the function Connected booking.
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