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The Artologik Support and Sales will be closed on Ascension Day, Thursday, May 5th. On Friday the 6th of May we are open again on regular hours.
In our world, hybrid isn't a car, it's a combination of tables and charts. We now proudly present the new report element “Hybrid”.
We are approaching the end of the year, but first let us introduce two new colleagues. Jenni Ahlgren och Linda Kirsten begin in December at the office in Växjö.
Jenni och Linda
The plugin HD-SR brings two Artologik applications together: HelpDesk and Survey&Report. You can connect Survey&Report to your Support software. In this way you can send surveys to your Customers and they can give you valuable feedback in return.
Exemple of Survey result
Now we have fully restarted after summer break. All organisations thrive on new blood and we welcome Jennie Ohlsson to the office in Växjö and Magnus Jonneryd in Oskarshamn.
Our new employees
There are different ways of structuring the work in EZbooking. One is to create different organisation groups. These groups can then be used as selection when creating invoice details.
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Midsummer, June 19th, is a Swedish national holiday and the Artologik Support and Sales is therefore closed. We will be open on regular hours on Monday the 22nd of June. Have a nice Midsummer weekend! The Artologik team
For support workers who are not constantly logged in to HelpDesk, it can be a relief not having to repeatedly enter the software to see if any new messages or e-mails have been sent to the ticket. By enabling a setting in the software, copies of m...
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