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When you wish to preview your multilingual surveys you can change language directly in the preview window of the software, making it possible for you to in a swift way see what your surveys will look like in the different languages.
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The Artologik Support and Sales will be closed on Ascension Day. On Friday the 15th of May we are open again on regular hours.
Apart from giving tickets different statuses to indicate where in the work process they are, you also have the possibility to create sub-statuses in order to specify the ticket status even further.
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On Labour day May 1st the Artologik Support and Sales is closed. However, we are back again on our regular opening hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CET) on Monday May 4th.
When creating reports in Survey&Report you have a vast range of tables and charts to choose between in order to in the best way possible present your findings. The positioning map is especially suitable for the question type side by side matrix, s...
positioning map
In order to make sure no booking is forgotten, you let automatic reminders be sent to users before the booking.
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We would like to wish you a happy Easter and hope you will enjoy a sunny weekend with family and friends.
Your organisation is unique, as are your requirements when it comes to support. We know this and in order for you to have a support tool which fulfil your needs in the best possible way, we offer different plug-ins for HelpDesk.
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