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Watch our new video and see how to send surveys by e-mail and get fast feedback. Ask your customers what they thought about the service!
HD-SR video vit
Artisan continuously develop new features for the Artologik series. In addition to this, we develop new features and connections to other systems for you upon request.
Adjust your TIME-program with our different plug-ins to better suit your needs.
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The German company ISPA consult uses Survey&Report to perform employee surveys.
ISPA consult GmbH
Artologik TIME has lots of new features and a completely new interface. We are confident it will be a much improved user experience for you when you are working with the program.
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You can do searches for specific addresses in HD-Map. Type the requested address in the search field above the map, and the search is automatically performed.
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Jenni Ahlgren och Linda Kirsten begin at the office in Växjö.
Jenni och Linda
All organisations thrive on new blood and we welcome Jennie Ohlsson to the office in Växjö and Magnus Jonneryd in Oskarshamn.
Our new employees