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ProjectManager - web-based project management software

Artologik ProjectManager makes project management an easy process and provides a great overview of all the organisation's activities. You always have up-to-date information on workload levels and resource allocation.

Our project management tool collects information on all of your project information in one place. Since the program is web based you can reach it from wherever you are. The software has a unique method for staff planning and a document archive connected to each project.
The integrated time management lets you collect the information that is needed in order for you to plan the resources. With only a few clicks you generate reports for salary and invoicing.

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Five facts

Flexible user management

There are three different user roles within the program: project members, project managers and administrators. With the roles come different rights, which can be adjusted to fit each organisation. The rights can also be adjusted on user level.

Invoice and salary reports

The program makes it possible to generate salary details either for an individual or for a group of users at once. It is also possible to for you to create a report on any leave that has been registered in the calendar.

Plan your time

Resource management makes it possible to plan working hours and projects in a unique way. The idea is to make it easy to plan and maintain schedules – and when it is easy, it gets done!


All users register time in the detailed time registration menu. This makes it easy for the project manager to get access to information that would otherwise require hours of administrative work.

Project follow-up

In ProjectManager it is always easy to get a good overview of how the organisation’s resources are spent. This information makes it easy to do follow-ups on each separate project and evaluate its progress.

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