The common factor linking all of our customers? The need for an advanced but very simple to use administrative software!

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"The Artologik Helpdesk system allows us to effectively support our wind tunnel systems customers. Its web interface ensures that all information relevant to a support request is entered by the user, logged queries are then visible to any available support engineer. The HelpDesk reporting capabilities help us keep track of ongoing support requirements and prioritise them."

Maximiliano Lotto, Programme Manager, Cosworth

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"No one in the company is a computer expert and therefore it is important that the system is simple to learn. We have already saved time - which is money, since introducing TIME." 

Patrik Bodesand, Telsek

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"Our goal was to find one single application that could combine all the needs of the company and also work together with the rest of our software. ProjectManagement fulfils all those demands perfectly - the software is just brilliant!"

Stephane Targé, Dagnostica Starro  

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"Earlier, booking was associated with numerous notes and using different systems - EZbooking saves a lot of time!"

Göran Lindvall, Utbildningsradion

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"We chose Artologik based on functionality, user-friendliness and cost."

Nick Flack, Pi Innovo Ltd

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”The program is easy to work with and have a really good help function. Should you in spite of this get stuck the support is wonderful – friendly, informed and quick.”

Ulf Bendelin, Region Gotland

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"EZbooking is user-friendly, flexible and gives you a good overview. The support is also very good and we always get a quick reply whenever a questions arises."

Monika Folini, University of Zürich