Try our programs

We offer several different options for you to try our programs before you buy. This will help you gain an understanding of the product to ensure you make the right decision for your needs. Whichever option you select, we always give you a full version of the program to evaluate - free and without obligations!


Get your own test site for 30 days

We prepare a test environment for you on our web server. Only you have access to the test site and you have 30 days to evaluate the program. After 30 days your test site will be automatically removed.

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Try a program directly on our website

Try the program without having to register or install anything. You access the program via a guest username and password on this website. All your data entries will be erased when you log out.

You can also install the software on your own Windows Web Server

  • Test installation - Install the program on your own web server and get 30 days to evaluate it. Only you have access to your test data.
  • Freeware - no time limit - Artologik EZbooking, ProjectManager and TIME are also available as freeware when used by only a small number of people.