Plug-ins - Additional Functions

Customize your support system with plug-ins to adapt HelpDesk to your organization’s ticket handling routines. Choose from an LDAP directory service, product registration, advanced ticket handling, or a connection to Artologik TIME. Do you need other functions? Contact us for more information and a quote!

HD-Advanced - advanced ticket handling


HD-Advanced is a plug-in for organizations in need of a more complex support handling system with ticket delegation on several levels. Customer organizations are divided into a number of organizational groups that are then linked to support groups, establishing a more structured way of working when dealing with large numbers of tickets. The resulting structure assures better service to your customers and a reduced workload for the support staff.

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HD-LDAP - directory service

With our LDAP connection you can create a user environment with a "single sign-on". A connection to the directory service (Active Directory) means that unnecessary administration is avoided as user information is automatically updated from a single directory.

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HD-TIME - register support time in detail

Time and support management in the same program! HD-TIME connects Artologik HelpDesk to Artologik TIME and thus makes it possible to record time spent on a particular ticket, as well as facilitating detailed client invoicing.

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HD-SSL - encryption

With the plug-in HD-SSL you have the possibility to require that anyone connecting to HelpDesk do so via an https connection. When an https connection is being used, the transmission between the web server and the web browser is encrypted through SSL (Security Sockets Layer) technique.

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HD-Track - product registry

Add a product directory to HelpDesk in order to trace which articles or products each individual support customer has. By setting up a product directory linked to registered tickets, you can easily establish which products require most support and which factors cause problems within an organisation. You can link products to an user, an organisation or an object. Examples of products are: goods, services, activities, persons, places, information or ideas. Your product directory can be imported to HelpDesk in XML format.

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HD-Map - Map function

This plug in makes it possible to mark the distance or area which the ticket in question concerns on a map (Google maps). The function can be used for any type of tickets demanding a position specification, as for example permissions of various kinds.

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