Online software: Purchase, Rent, ASP, SaaS, On-Demand… What to choose?

Here are some definitions and explanations for some of the most commonly used terms on the online software market.

web-based software is an application that is installed on a web server and to which an internet address is assigned. The web server may be yours or one of Artisan's. The software is then available for users online via their web browsers – nothing is installed on individual computers.

SaaS (Software as a Service) and ASP (Application Service Provider) are some of the terms describing the phenomenon by using the characteristics of these programs – being provided and available over the Internet. You can access the service at any time, from anywhere and from any computer that is connected to the Internet. This works in the same way that you access your Gmail Google account, which is also a SaaS software.

Software On-Demand refers to the consumption pattern of the program. Do you for instance have the need to conduct a satisfaction survey? You can rent the Artologik “Survey&Report One-Time Survey" for three months – allowing ample time for you to finalize both your survey and reports.

Artisan’s SaaS: the Best Solution for your Company?

  • Flexible offers
  • Secure data
  • Transferred installation
  • Minimization of fixed costs
  • Regular updates at no extra cost
  • Free technical assistance from the Artisan support service staff
  • Programs accessible from any MAC, PC or tablet computer with an internet connection
SaaS gives you security and flexibility

Over the past few years, the purchase of software has been the most common operating mode. However, the acquisition of software requires having powerful computer hardware and software to install it on. These also need to be renewed every three to four years.

Outsourcing your IT services gives you access to top of the line IT solutions, but without the need for expensive investments in new web servers and databases, and without hiring network experts or IT consultants.

Flexibility: Add plug-ins that make the programs respond to your needs even better. By clicking the links you find information about the plug-ins for: HelpDeskSurvey&ReportEZbookingProjectManager and TIME.