EZbooking – scheduling made easy

Artologik EZbooking is the web based booking tool which helps you create order amongst all of your bookings. You see the booking coverage for the different objects and can say goodbye to unwanted double-bookings. The program also lets you create useful reports with, for example, invoice details.

200x200_artBox3D_frontLeft_Art13_EZ.png [28kB png]

Whether the bookable objects are facilities, microscopes, people – or something else – EZbooking can help you to keep the bookings in order. The system administrator controls which objects the users can book, at which times and to what cost.

You decide if reminders or confirmation emails should be sent and the flexible program can be adjusted to suit your organisation’s needs.

In order to adjust EZbooking to your requirements even further, EZbooking offers different plug-ins which, amongst others, enable you to connect equipment to your bookable objects – maybe you need a beamer to the conference room or a trailer to the company car? We can also offer you features like visitor registration, the import of users from a catalogue service and an order module.

Here you can read more about EZbooking and its plug-ins.