EZbooking provides easy object administration

The flexible settings of EZbooking enable you to gather all your shared resources in one centralised booking system - regardless of whether these are rooms, equipment, vehicles, people or something else. 

With individual rules for reservations, cancellations and access rights you decide which users can book which objects, to what prices and at what times.

Price settings

EZbooking Object Price settings

EZbooking offers different pricing models among which you choose the one that fulfils your needs. It also allows you to charge different users different prices for the same object, charge a fixed price or abandon price calculation completely.

Opening hours, schedules and maintenance time

You can add individual opening hours for objects and users in order to regulate during which times objects shall be bookable.

Objects can be booked by the minute or hour, or according to schedules pre-defined by your administrators, e.g. only the entire morning or the entire afternoon.

Maintenance time lets you automatically block time after a booking – this can for example give time for cleaning a room between bookings


You can arrange objects in categories in order for your users to find them more easily, for example when looking for available objects or creating reports. You could for instance group your equipment by equipment type or your rooms by location.