Creating reports in EZbooking

In EZbooking you can easily generate diverse reports on your resource usage. Reports are easy to create, can always be reused and you can even export them into Excel.

The flexible report generator in EZbooking facilitates evaluation processes by providing the data you need to e.g. gain an overview over the bookings, evaluate the occupancy of your resources or process booking data for later invoicing.

Quick overview

Chart of all bookings

EZbooking is equipped with several report templates that can also be displayed as charts. These reports show for example:

  • The bookings for individual users or organisations within a selected time frame
  • The bookings of selected objects per day
  • The occupancy rate of selected objects


You can also export the booking data as an Excel file. This allows you to continue working with the information elsewhere, e.g. in your accounting program.

Tailor-made content

Create individual reports

The reports in EZbooking are highly flexible since you can:

  • Select which data shall be displayed in the report. This way only the bookings for the time frame, objects and users you actually want to show in your report are included.
  • Decide exactly how detailed these data shall be displayed. A report that shows all available information or a report that only shows the date, object name and length of the booking – in EZbooking everything is possible.

The reports you create can be saved, re-opened and edited as often as you like. This vast number of possibilities leads to a diverse report repertoire being formed in no time.