Users and user rights

Next to bookable resources your users are the backbone of EZbooking. Grouping them and assigning some users additional rights can help you utilise the program more efficiently.

Organising your users on different levels lets you benefit from helpful filtering options. An organisational hierarchy will allow you to e.g. assign access rights and booking prices as well as to create detailed reports more efficiently.

User structure

The picture below shows how your EZbooking users can be structured. You can group and organise your users both vertically and horizontally.

EZbooking’s user structure

The organisational structure can be as detailed or as simple as you wish. The simplest organisational structure in EZbooking only consists of users who are connected to an organisation. You decide if you would like to use organisation groups, user groups or user categories in addition is completely up to you.

User and access rights

EZbooking users can only book objects that are made available to them by access rights. These rights can result from the access level of the user or be inherited from the organization the user belongs to.

Moreover, users can be assigned individual user rights. You can, for instance, appoint users who

  • Create and administrate their own objects
  • Book for other users
  • Create reports

Experience shows that the possibility to create and control access and usage rights for one’s own objects often result in a higher motivation to share these objects with others, thus to provide them as bookable resources in the booking program. This can be a big step towards optimal resource utilisation in your organisation.