Plug-ins for your booking tool

Customize EZbooking with functions that suit the booking processes of your organization. The following add-ons are available: equipment registration, directory service, additional orders function and visit registration.


Various types of extra equipment may be needed in connection with a booking. For instance, a projector or a computer may be required for a meeting in the conference room. EZ-Equip lets you connect additional items so that users wanting to book an object get a quick overview of items that are available for reservation in connection with the main object.

Read more about EZ-Equip (PDF)


Show current and upcoming bookings at your meeting or conference room doors. Want to let your users book directly from the screen? Just activate the touch features!

Configure your screens just the way you want: define your own colours or use the automatic room availability status colours; allow users to shorten or extend a booking with one click, or to send a message to the administrator...


EZ-Outlook makes it possible to book your EZbooking resources directly from your Outlook account. Therefore, when you are creating an appointment from Outlook, you can, within this same application, book an EZbooking conference room in just a few clicks. 

If you make changes in EZbooking they are automatically saved in your Outlook account. Outlook synchronizes with EZbooking, so you will always have your changes saved, regardless of which program you use.

Read more about EZ-Outlook (PDF)


The LDAP connection makes it easy to create a user environment with a "single sign-on". A connection to a directory service (such as Active Directory) means that unnecessary administration is avoided as all user information is automatically updated from a single directory.

Read more about EZ-LDAP (PDF)


This is a smart ordering function that can be used either in connection with a booking or separately, for instance for ordering consumables with a microscope or fresh flowers and coffee for the Friday afternoon meeting. EZ-Order also has a built-in report generator and a function that lets you add orders to recurrent bookings.

Read more about EZ-Order (PDF)


Register visits in EZbooking, stand-alone or in connection with a booking. It is also possible to connect a label printer to the program for easy printing of visitor tags. 

Read more about EZ-Visit (PDF)


EZ-TimeLog lets you import the actual used time into EZbooking. The module can be used to compare actual used time with scheduled time, to spot usage without previous bookings and to charge for the actual used time. 

For each bookable resource your administrators define tolerance times, rounding rules and to what percentage booked unused time should be charged. With the flexible invoice details report you can choose which information you wish to export regarding the user, actual used time, the calculated price and much more.

Read more about EZ-TimeLog (PDF)


The plug-in EZ-Project enables you to register projects along with your bookings. Decide which users and what information should be connected to each project and if you want to base the booking price on the project connected to the booking.

Add new projects for your users, or let them register new projects on their own – your project administrators will be notified when a project is submitted and can then decide to activate or decline the new project. 

With the flexible invoice details report you can view the time and cost per for instance project, cost centre or project leader, and export the information to Excel, e.g. for further handling in your finance systems.

Read more about EZ-Project (PDF)


With the plug-in EZ-Keys you can integrate EZbooking with a key cabinet system where the keys are locked in a box and can be retrieved using a specific pin code.

The purpose of the plug-in is to let users book a specific object, for example a vehicle, at a specific time and be provided with a pin code that makes the key available only during the booked time. If the key is not returned within the specified time, “alert” functions will provide notifications.

Read more about EZ-Keys (PDF)