Prices for Artologik EZbooking SaaS subscription

The Artologik EZbooking editions are simply defined by the numbers of active users and bookable objects – there is no difference in functionality. Choose between Light, Standard and Enterprise and Global (unlimited).

Cloud deployment

Our SaaS subscription solution is installed on our ISO 27001-certified Data Center. The subscription includes the rental of a software licence with plug-ins, cloud hosting, daily backups, maintenance, Service Agreement etc.

The minimum duration of a subscription is 6 months. Thereafter the subscription is automatically renewed on a monthly basis. The cost for installation and subscription for the first six months will be charged at start. Thereafter the customer will be billed in advance quarterly. Notice period for termination of the subscription is three months.

Choose edition 
  Light Standard Enterprise Global  
Maximum number of users2550200Unlimited 
Maximum number of objects102050Unlimited 
Subscription Agreement     
EZbooking - SaaS80/month120/month170/month280/month
Setup (billed once)190190190190
EZ-Equip - SaaS15/month30/month60/month90/month
EZ-Keys - SaaS90/month90/month90/month90/month
EZ-LDAP - SaaS15/month30/month60/month90/month
EZ-Order - SaaS15/month30/month60/month90/month
EZ-Project - SaaS15/month30/month60/month90/month
EZ-TimeLog - SaaS15/month30/month60/month90/month
EZ-Visit - SaaS15/month30/month60/month90/month
Other services and products     
EZ-Display - Digital Signage 10.1''495
Online training 1-2 persons with Service agreement65/hour*
Online training 3 persons with Service Agreement130/hour*
Online training 4-8 persons with Service Agreement195/hour*
Training full day (travel costs will be added)1,075
Training half day (travel costs will be added)640
Prices:All prices shown excluding VAT
Article name Unit priceQuantitySum+
One-time cost0?
Total - First invoice0?

All prices are subject to alteration.

Service agreement

The SaaS subscription agreement includes a Service Agreement which provides access to:

  • free technical support - via our online helpdesk, e-mail or phone (respond within one working day)
  • free program updates - new versions, functions etc.
  • upgrade warranty (only pay the difference when upgrading to a larger edition)
  • lower costs for online training