Here you find a list of some of the organizations that have chosen Artologik EZbooking for all their booking needs.

Future Industries Institute (FII)
University of South Australia

“At the Future Industries Institute (FII) we have been using EZbooking for around 12 months and it has been incredibly successful.

I championed the project working with our Technical Services Team, University of South Australia (UniSA) IT staff and the team at Artisan to develop customised solutions, resulting in a product that has delivered major efficiencies in the way we manage our instruments.  The staff at Artisan were very helpful throughout the development and implementation process and it was a pleasure to work with them.  EZbooking is now operating at two of UniSA’s six campuses and it continues to grow.

The most revolutionary aspect of our customised EZbooking software is the export to finance plug-in, which allows us to process financial transactions for instrument access at FII on a weekly basis in less than one hour. This was a task that previously occupied one person for many days every few months.  I am now able to monitor financial performance on a monthly basis making it much easier to manage FII’s $60M of scientific instruments.”

Philip Moore, Manager Technical Services
Future Industries Institute, University of South Australia

Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis
The University of Sydney

“We use EZbooking to manage equipment for researchers across a wide range of disciplines & techniques, with detailed access control over booking rights to specific objects in multiple locations.

In the 12 years we have been using the EZbooking system we had developed a number of additional in-house functions. In working with Artisan to develop the EZ-Project plugin we have been able to incorporate a substantial number of these features into the EZbooking program, resulting in a more streamlined experience for our users.

All of our dealings with the team at Artisan have been incredibly productive as they’re always willing to work in partnership with us to explore new ideas. The rapid response to all of our queries is always appreciated.”

Dr. Matthew Foley
Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis
The University of Sydney

Life Imaging Center - University of Freiburg

“EZbooking lives up to its name – it is intuitive and easy to use. We chose EZbooking, because we need a program that can quickly be understood by all users. 

We use EZbooking for the scheduling of microscopes, additional equipment and rooms. For us it is particularly useful to be able to import users from our own user database via EZ-LDAP. We import the actual used time for selected instruments with the plug-in EZ-TimeLog. It was developed by Artisan especially for us according to our requirements and helps us invoice correctly. It also lets us decide how booked, but not used time is charged.”

Dr. Roland Nitschke
Center for System Biology - Life Imaging Center

University of Zürich

"EZbooking is user friendly, clearly arranged and flexible. After registering the objects once in the system, all of our 1000 users with individual user rights are able book them at any time from any place. Furthermore, the cooperation with Artisan is very positive, questions are answered quickly and responses are reliable."

Scientists from various research departments at the University of Zürich are using EZbooking with the additional plug-in EZ-Equip in order to reserve scientific objects like microscopes together with accessories. This is significantly reducing purchasing and maintenance costs.

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Monica Folini
University of Zürich

'The Centre for Advanced Microscopy' Australian National University

"We use Artologik EZbooking as an online booking system for a range of electron and light microscopes.

For us the biggest advantage is the ability to produce monthly reports tabulating user hours, department, charge codes or invoicing details. This has greatly improved the efficiency in generating the monthly accounts. We are also very much helped by the program’s flexibility in assigning custom pricing schedules for a range of different equipment and user categories and the ability for users to register online.

Although some training for administrators is required EZbooking is relatively easy to learn and Artologik has been great in providing the necessary training support as well as custom modifications."

Dr Frank Brink, Deputy Director
Centre for Advanced Microscopy
Australian National University


Umeå University - Department of Molecular Biology

“We use EZbooking in our intranet for scheduling of our instruments and rooms. The software gives us a great overview of available objects and helps us invoice the usage. We particularly appreciate that the program is so easy to use – the users immediately understand what they need to do in the various booking interfaces.”

Maria Westling
Umeå University - Department of Molecular Biology

ETH Zürich

"We have been booking our resources with EZbooking for several years now. We are very satisfied with the software and the customer support. The program enables us to easily register new users and to book online around the clock. Both aspects are of great advantage for us.

For our university it is very useful to be able to flexibly define and administer opening hours, pricing categories and booking conditions.

Invoicing details can be compiled individually and the e-mail function allows us to easily inform our equipment users about news, changes or breakdowns."

Anette Schütz, Technical Assistant Flow Cytometry Laboratory
Flow Cytometry Core Facility, ETH Zürich


"DTU Cen, the Center for Electron Nanoscopy, is part of Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU). It is a self-contained facility that houses 7 electron microscopes all of which are available to researchers and students in Denmark and worldwide for materials characterisation studies.

Efficient use of the microscopes requires a simple to use booking system that has powerful reporting features and a very flexible means of setting up the booking conditions for individuals and groups. We have that in EZBooking, which we deployed in 2010."

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Andrew Burrows, Director

Kantonspolizei Zürich - the Zürich police department

‘With EZbooking we have a resource tool at our disposal that allows us to easily fulfil the most various requirements. The program allows all employees to search for and book available objects directly from their workstation or via smartphone.

We use EZbooking in connection with a key cabinet to book different vehicles. When a user needs a car, he can book it directly in EZbooking. The system then generates a PIN code, which gives the user access to pick up the key from the cabinet at the booked time.

We are very satisfied with the offer and service provided by Artisan. Apart from the stability and reliability of the software we also really appreciate that Artisan is always open for customization requests.’

Mr. Peter Marti
Kantonspolizei Zürich

Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg

“We use Artologik EZbooking as online booking system for our rooms and vehicles. Before the introduction in 2016 we had handled our bookings with the Microsoft Outlook resource management. EZbooking has successfully replaced and exceeded the Outlook booking functionality.

For the introduction of EZbooking we just uploaded a short user guide on our intranet. EZbooking was flawlessly integrated into our system environment and generates positive feedback through and through. Artologik offers a competent and always immediately available Support.”

Dieter Scholz
IT department
Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg

Bremer Heimstiftung

"The booking software Artologik EZbooking is user-friendly, very reliable and gives a great overview of all our bookings. At the same time it contains all functions that we have been looking for and could not find in other programs. Artisan’s support is customer-friendly and competent – a huge contrast to what we have experienced with other companies.”

Anne-Katrin Czermack
Bildungszentrum der Bremer Heimstiftung

Ges. f. P.V.T.

"With EZbooking we administrate and schedule counseling sessions for our patients. To register participants for group therapies we also use the plug-in EZ-Visit.

The program adjusts to our demands perfectly and offers complete data integrity. Thanks to the intuitive user interface the staff could start using the system quickly and without any training.

Additionally, the Artologik team gives excellent support. Particularly the continuous development of the program is a big highlight!"

Gerhard Wagner, Wissenschaftlicher Leiter
Gesellschaft für psychotherapeutische Versorgung Tirols


“EZbooking is very easy to handle and intuitive to use. The Artologik support team, which I call once in a while, is very nice, fast and efficient whenever I need any information”.

Vincenzo Piccininno, Logistics Manager

BFI Tirol

"EZbooking offers a simple and fast solution for administrating big amounts of resources, in our case seminar rooms. I particularly appreciate the functions of recurrent bookings and the structured user rights that are available in the program.
We have only had little need to contact Artisan, since the program is working so well. The booking system is so user friendly and clear, that it is hard to do anything wrong. I would recommend EZbooking to other organisations with similar needs at any time”. 

Markus Plattner, Manager Customer Centre
BFI Tirol