HelpDesk - facilitating your support management

HelpDesk lets you manage the entire support process in one tool, from registration to the closing of the ticket. The system also provides you with statistics and reports that make it easy to follow up on your support management.

HelpDesk is a highly customizable program with a lot of settings and Plug-ins which gives you the possibility to create a workflow that fits your organisation. In the graphics below we illustrate an example of how the workflow could look like when you are using HelpDesk for handling support tickets from your customers.

Infograph illustrating the workflow in HelpDesk

A customer has a question or an issue

HelpDesk will enable more ways to handle support issues, for both you and your customers.

Register by phone

HelpDesk makes it easy for your phone operators to register support tickets while speaking to the customers.

Using the web enables more alternatives

Via the web you and your customers have more alternatives!

Find solution in FAQ

A public FAQ can be created from already solved tickets in HelpDesk.

Register by e-mail

HelpDesk can automatically create tickets based on certain e-mail rules of your choice.

Register by web

Customers can get a user login (and password) and create tickets by themselves. Another option is to use a web form on your website.

A ticket has been created

As soon as a ticket is created it gets visible in the operators’ ticket list.

Operator handles the ticket

An operator can open, delegate and even take over a ticket if, for instance, a member of the support team is absent.


Delegate and/or split into sub-tickets for easier handling.

Customer communication

All information - e-mail communication, documents and list of actions - is stored directly in the ticket.


Survey feature with HD-SR

Send surveys to your support customers and get fast feedback.


SLA (Service Level Agreement)

It is possible to set the time limits for opening, replying and closing a ticket.


Keep track of TIME

Record time spent on a particular ticket.


Other HelpDesk Plug-Ins

Choose among all our HelpDesk plug-ins and customise to fit your organisation.


Problem solved and ticket closed

An e-mail with ticket information and solution can automatically be created and sent to the customer when the ticket is closed.

Add solution to public or private FAQs

A closed ticket may be added to an FAQ, so that other customers can find the solution by themselves.

Knowledge database

All tickets are stored in the Knowledge database. This can be used by ticket operators when finding solutions to new tickets.

Follow-up and evaluation

The reports can help you identify and prevent recurring support issues.

Another happy customer thanks to HelpDesk

HelpDesk has helped both you and your customer. The customer has gotten a solution/answer. You have not only saved time by keeping all information in one place,  but also expanded your Knowledge database which may help you solve similar issues even faster next time.

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Video / Screenshots

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