Checklist HelpDesk - support software

With our checklist you get a summary of how HelpDesk can help you simplify and rationalise internal and external support and ticket management.


Without plug-ins








Web based

Multilingual (Swedish, English, German, French and Spanish)

Help texts in the software, specific for each user role

Forum/news function

Self-defined welcome page for each user role

Create a log-in message

Image archive – upload, for example, logos and images for the welcome page

Connect objects (ticket types) to customer and operator

Set opening hours (for calculation of handling time, SLA ...)

Object (ticket types) in several levels






Divide operators in support groups










Register time spent working on the ticket




Extract invoice details on time spent working on the ticket




Connect HelpDesk and your Active Directory




Connect products from product directory to the ticket




Geographic tracking of tickets




Ticket registration


The customer register the ticket, logged into the software

Operator registers for the customer

Manual registration from incoming e-mails

Automatic registration of tickets (according to rules) from incoming e-mails

Registration via ticket form on external web site

Control questions, specific for each ticket type

The possibility to use compulsory questions

The possibility to attach file

The possibility to add a new customer upon registration

The possibility to close a ticket upon registration

Locate and search tickets directly on a map





Start from standard ticket (template for a typical ticket)






”Quick-case” – for tickets which can be closed upon registration








Monitoring incoming tickets via popup window

E-mail reminders regarding incoming tickets

Select preferred headlines in the ticket list and sort on headline of your choice

Log of when someone not handling a ticket views it

Make your own selections and filter the list to show desired tickets

Ticket processing


Set alternative contact persons at customer

Standard answers, specific for each ticket type

Document activities

Create Secondary status for Tickets

Change status during the work with the ticket

To do list

Document solutions

Send/receive e-mail from within the ticket

All e-mail correspondence regarding a ticket is saved within the ticket

Attach files to the ticket

Set expected start date

Set expected end date

Set priority

See ticket history – logging of what has happened with the ticket

Delegate ticket to another operator

Delegate ticket to support group






Delegate a part of the ticket to another operator






External Ticket operator with limited rights






Receive information about the SLA time limits for the ticket






Connect tickets with the same cause






Child Tickets to organise work between the support members






Classification of tickets






Register time spent on working with the ticket





Extract invoice details on time spent on the ticket




Connect products from a product directory to the ticket





E-mail to closed ticket re-opens the ticket

Several e-mail addresses to the system

E-mail signature per user

E-mail receipt to customer upon ticket registration

The possibility to send auto-generated e-mail upon closing a ticket

Templates for e-mail receipts and for e-mail upon closure

Insertion of pictures in e-mails (logo, screen shots, etc.)

List all the messages of a ticket

E-mail addresses connected to support groups






Knowledge database/FAQ


Support staff can search among all tickets

Customers can search in the FAQ

Add tickets to the FAQ upon closure

Create tickets directly for the FAQ

Allow public searches in the FAQ

Group FAQ tickets in FAQ lists

Make FAQ lists public

Connect FAQ lists to selected organisations

Translate FAQ tickets to other languages

Show the FAQ before registering a ticket



Handling time

SLA report






Volume report (number of tickets and distribution)

Ticket list (export of desired ticket data)

Ticket volume (show graphically over time)

Ticket history (see what has been done on a selection of the tickets)

Make your own selection and groupings and save these

Handle authorisations (also for customers)

Report showing tickets on a map for a given period)





User handling


Add a new user in connection to registration

Import of users from file

Import of users from user directory