Prices for Artologik HelpDesk On-Premise

The Artologik HelpDesk editions are defined by the total number of users that can handle tickets, i.e. ticket operators and administrators – there is no difference in functionality. Choose between Light, Standard and Enterprise and if you wish to scale up, additional users can be added as ‘extra packs’ to the Enterprise edition.

On-Premise deployment

An On-Premise software licenses is perpetual and self-hosted; installed on your own web server. For information on system requirements, please click here. The license is sold as a one-time purchase. Service agreement is not included but can be ordered separately, see below.

Choose edition  
  Light Standard Enterprise ExtraPack    
Maximum ticket operators/administrators2510+51  
Purchase On-Premise license      
HelpDesk - On-Premise9002,2504,500900
HD-Advanced - On-Premise5001,0002,0000
HD-LDAP - On-Premise3507501,5000
HD-Map - On-Premise3507501,5000
HD-Track - On-Premise5001,0002,0000
HD-TIME - On-Premise0 – The plug-in requires a license for Artologik Artologik TIME.  
HD-SR - On-Premise0 – The plug-in requires a license for Artologik Artologik Survey&Report.  
Service Agreements (billed yearly)      
HelpDesk - Service Agreement150450900150
HD-Advanced - Service Agreement1002004000
HD-LDAP - Service Agreement701503000
HD-Map - Service Agreement701503000
HD-Track - Service Agreement1002004000
Other services and products      
Online training 1-2 persons with Service agreement65/hour*
Online training 1-2 persons without Service agreement90/hour*
Online training 3 persons with Service agreement130/hour*
Online training 3 persons without Service agreement180/hour*
Online training 4-8 persons with Service agreement195/hour*
Online training 4-8 persons without Service agreement270/hour*
Training full day (travel costs will be added)1,075
Training half day (travel costs will be added)640
 1. Extrapack is only available for the Enterprise edition.
Prices:All prices shown excluding VAT
Article name Unit priceQuantitySum+

All prices are subject to alteration.

Service agreement

When purchasing an On-Premise software license we recommend that you also buy a Service Agreement. The Service Agreement provides access to:

  • free technical support - via our online helpdesk, e-mail or phone (we respond within one working day)
  • free program updates - new versions, functions etc
  • upgrade warranty (only pay the difference when upgrading to a larger edition)
  • lower costs for online training 

For the Service Agreement to be valid, it has to subscribe to all parts of the contract: license, plug-ins and extrapacks. The agreement will run for 12 months and will automatically yearly renew, unless the contract is cancelled three months prior to the expiration date of the current contract period.