Autumn is here!

It is in the midst of autumn here in Växjö and I promised you an autumn photo from the office in my last post, didn’t I? Well, here it is. The leaves now fading are magnificent and their tones go from yellow to red passing through a flamboyant orange.

At Artisan, we are working at full speed ahead. HelpDesk has gotten a new starting page! For simplicity we renamed it "Dashboard" and you can decide for yourself what information it will present once you have logged in. You can select between an external webpage, ticket list, reports and news. 

Currently, we have also been working with a number of instruction films for our program ProjectManager, these will be published in our newsfeed shortly. 

The construction next door is moving along as planned and we will soon be back to a state of total silence in our offices (finally!) Jokes aside, we look forward to getting new neighbours and it shows great promise for exiting meetings in the new building.

Have a lovley autumn!
Linda Kirsten, infomaster at Artisan Global Media