Checklist for ProjectManager

With our checklist you get a quick overview of how ProjectManager helps you to control and simplify all project-oriented operational processes.


  • Web based software
  • Secured login
  • Multilingual: English, German, French, Swedish
  • Simple graphics, easy to navigate
  • Shortcuts to the time registration
  • Log book with automatic error messages
  • Print
  • Export, Excel and SIE4-format

Users and User Rights

  • Three flexible user roles: administrator, project leader, project member
  • Individual setting of rights possible
  • Search the user register
  • Export the user register
  • Edit user
  • Inactivate user
  • Import user
  • User groups

Register time, resources and services

  • Register date, project, phase and activity
  • Register purchase of material and services
  • Edit and copy registrations
  • Create your own time codes
  • Verifying
  • Register for another user
  • Integration possibilities with salary systems
  • Parallel menus for time registrations


  • Search project
  • Edit and copy projects
  • Project templates
  • Customer programs
  • Structure in phases and activities
  • Plan time with Gantt charts
  • Link contact persons to projects
  • Different cost- and price models
  • Cost- and price calculation
  • Preview of invoices
  • Create archives of documents
  • Update project status


  • Customer register
  • Supplier register
  • Register for products/services
  • Search register
  • Export of register to Excel
  • Normal working hours
  • Planned vacation
  • Holidays and week numbering
  • System settings


  • Invoicing
  • Invoices in PDF-format
  • Integration possibility with economic system


  • Monthly reports, overview
    Yearly report, overview
    Grouped time registrations
    Time planned
  • Project report, overview
    Project plan
    Project status
    Project result
    Follow-up report
  • Time reports, overview
    Time graph
    Gantt chart
    Registered time
    Estimated time
  • Salary reports
    Absence report
    Salary details
    Control information
    Project list
    Result report