The reports section lets you generate various types of overviews regarding working hours, planned, registered or billable time for one or multiple projects.

Monthly Reports


The default type of monthly report displays all your own time registrations on all projects for a specified month. You get an overview of which days you have worked, how many hours have been registered as well as whether there are any days that have no time registrations. For administrators and project managers, there are large possibilities to create custom reports by combining various selections, categories and time variables in order to get a complete overview of the business. Reports can be created on user groups, result units, project groups, customer groups, project types and so on.

It is also possible to create reports containing detailed lists of registrations per day, per project or per time code for a chosen month. The time codes can for instance be overtime, billable time and so on.

The ”Planned time” report consists of data on normal working hours, time planned (on one or multiple projects) and planned overtime. This report provides you with a practical overview of the time plan for the coming month.

Reports per Project

Project Status

The "Project plan" report provides a graphic model of the overall plan for a project. The report displays the various phases of the project as well as a detailed time plan for the various stages.

The project status report gives you an overview of the status for a selected project. The report displays the status of each phase and activity as well as planned, registered and remaining time and any expenses that have been claimed for products and services.

The project report is used to generate detailed information on time spend and use of materials in a project for a specified period of time or from the start. The report can for instance be used as a progress report for the customer or for double-checking details for invoicing.

It is also possible to get information on the profitability of a project. You find this in the result report which compares the forecasted profitability with the actual profitability. This way you can for instance see the adverse financial consequences of a delay.

The list of key figures provides information about payments compared with time spends. Invoices and payments received are listed as well as the accumulated number of working days that the project has been on-going.

Time Reports

The time registrations can be displayed per day, week, month or year and can be sorted per activity or per user. There is a large number of variables to choose from, for instance, result unit, user group, user, project group, project status, project type, customer, project manager or project. Select and combine the variables however you wish in order to get a complete overview of your organization’s time spends. It is also possible to generate time code reports and Gantt charts using the same variables.

Salary Details

Project managers and administrators can generate salary details either for an individual user or for a group of user at once. It is also possible to create a report on any leave that has been registered in the calendar.