Business Control Information and Invoicing Details

ProjectManager offers many valuable reports for the organization’s management. It is also possible to generate details for invoicing as well as finished pdf format invoices in the program.

Control Information

Control Information

The project list gives you an overview of all projects with information on contact people, order sums, the accumulated annual turnover and so on. By filling out the field ”set price” (in the basic information of the project) for the expected order sum, it is possible to calculate the turnover per day worked on the project.

The order information provides details on the statuses of all orders that have been registered in ProjectManager. It is also possible to select to view only order inquiries, confirmed orders, information on a specific customer and so on.

The sales forecast report answers such questions as: How many project quotes have been sent out? What is the likeli-hood of the organization reaching its set targets? The information that is displayed for each project (for instance the expected order sum and the likelihood of the quote being accepted) provides an overview of the forecasted sales for the near future.

Recommendations gives you information on the origin of a project, whether someone recommended the customer or the project type. Information such as the date when the initial quote was sent out as well as the project status and the forecasted turnover is also displayed.

The registrations report shows total time registrations, either per user or per customer and project. Projects are only available for selection if they are on-going and at least one user has registered time on them. The reports can be created per day, week or month.

The results report provides information on the financial aspects of a project. The numbers in the report are based on the price and cost models that have been selected for the project in question.



Project managers can create reports with details for invoicing for one or multiple projects at once. Invoicing details can be created for parts of an ongoing project or for an entire project once it has been completed. The format of the report is determined by the following categories: detailed, project, phase or activity. All billable costs are displayed according to the structure determined by the category selection.

Actual invoices can only be created by administrators and accounting staff. Administrators can create invoices regardless of whether there are details for invoicing or not. The invoice can then be printed out in a pdf format. Once an invoice has been registered it is saved in the invoice journal is then locked for editing. If you then register the received payment in ProjectManager it is possible to generate reports on the daily income compared with the time worked on the project.