Stay in Control with ProjectManager

How many projects can you manage at once? ProjectManager is the tool for those who want to stay in control of all projects without being held back by difficult computer systems. ProjectManager lets you stay on top of the project from day one all the way from the initial quote or tender to the invoicing and closing of the project.

New Projects

Project Administration

New projects can be added either by the administrator or by a project manager. The default settings restrict access to the new project to the administrator and project manager. Via the project administration, phases and activities as well as project members are added. Once a user has been connected to a project, he or she gets access to it.

In the project administration all the details are added that will later be displayed in the general information regarding the project, project name, project manager, project members, project type, start and end dates as well as a description of the project. The more thorough information that is entered here, the more detailed reports you can get later on.

Resource Planning

The resource planning section makes it simple to plan resource allocation and time spend for each activity. When we created the program the idea was to make it easy to both make and keep time plans – so that all your resources are used in an optimal way!

All users register time in the detailed time registration menu. This makes it easy for the project manager to get access to information that would otherwise require hours’ of administrative work. That way, ProjectManager eliminates unnecessary administration and provides you with detailed information on the progress status of each project.

If you require additional control of the registrations it is possible to activate an authorization function. All time and material registrations must then be cleared before they become available for use in reports or details for invoices.