The areas of use of ProjectManager are different for different users. Project members primarily use the program to receive project information and to register time. Project managers and administrators do this too, but also use the program for administration and report generation.

User Roles and Rights


ProjectManager lets you divide all program users into three groups with the following user roles: project member, project manager and administrator. The default settings of these user roles entail various levels of authority for the different roles however these can be customized to suit each organisation’s processes and requirements. It is also possible to authorize particular user roles and/or individual users to perform a number of specified tasks within the program.

Only settings that apply to the organisation as a whole are restricted to editing by the administrator only. The administrator can, by default, change any information or settings in the entire program.

Project managers and project members can view both their own and other user’s details regarding user role, user group, result unit and price per hour. Everyone can change their own details except for those two relating to the user role and username.

Personal Project Overviews

When a user logs in to ProjectManager, his or her projects are displayed in a project overview. The information displayed is among other things the project status, how much of the allocated time has so far been used (and registered) and whether any costs for products or services have been incurred.

Each user specifies how he or she wants the projects to be sorted when working in the system. The following sort options are available: project number, project name in alphabetical order or last used.

Time Registration

When registering time, the user needs to specify a date, a customer, a project and an activity as well as a time period and time code (and possibly add a comment) in order to register the time. By clicking the shopping basket symbol the user can also register any costs incurred on the project, for instance materials or travel costs.

The project manager and the administrator can change the parameters for time registration. This is done in the project administration section. Here it is also possible to select which time intervals should be available for registration, for instance that each time registration needs to be of at least 20 minutes and so on.

Naturally, all users are authorized to register time and materials on the project that they are working on. The administrator can also register time on other users’ behalf and can authorize other users to do the same.