Working in ProjectManager

By and large a project is all about communication between administrators, project managers and project members. With its simple user interface ProjectManager will give you a practical overview and control over all the different stages of a project, from planning to invoicing and closing.

Project Start

The work process starts when the project manager plans and structures their project, either through use of existing project types or with their own project templates. The tool also provides a smart method of human resource planning that gives you an instantaneous overview of time plans compared with available resources. For each project, the project manager creates a file archive for general access as well as for files that only he or she ought to have access to.

Project Work and Management

Overview of registrations

Once a project has been saved in the system it will become available for all users that have been connected to it as project members. They can the view general information about the project as well as details on which phases and activities they will work on. Both project managers and project members then register time and any costs incurred on the project.

The program helps both project managers and members keep track of how the project progresses/proceeds. Among other things it provides you with details on time spent on the various activities and to what extent the set project plan is being followed.

Reports and Invoicing

The reports section lets you create custom reports on both the entire organisation and individual sections or departments per day, week or month. The invoicing section lets you keep track of the financial aspects of a project. By activating an authorization function, you can control all time and product or service costs that are registered. These then need to be authorized before being available for use in reports or details for invoicing.

The administrator creates reports for salary payments, oversees workload levels, generates details for invoicing and creates invoices. The general management monitors results, manages the resource planning, analyzes sales forecasts and oversees the general progress of all the organisation’s projects. How much billable time do you have?