Survey&Report – creating professional surveys has never been easier

Survey&Report is a web based and multilingual program which makes it easy to create professional surveys for evaluations.

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You choose the questions, create a suitable design and can translate the survey to as many languages as you like. The program is user-friendly and intuitive and the distribution of the surveys is easily done via email or a link on your web site. In order to ensure high response rate reminders can be sent to the respondents.

You can in simple way direct certain parts of the survey to specific groups and by using filters you are able to ask follow-up questions based on, for example, respondent replies and categories.

The high flexibility of the software allows you to create a multitude of different survey types. You can find examples here >>

The reports are created with only a few clicks of a button and Survey&Report offers you a vast range of charts and tables. The program also lets you create presentations. Choose between PowerPoint, PDF, Excel or Word, or publish it directly on the web.

The plug-ins offer even more possibilities to adjust Survey&Report to your needs. Maybe you need advanced question types, have special demands for your reports or want to create paper surveys?

Read more about Survey&Report and its plug-ins here!