Languages and Users

The administration lets you add users and respondents, specify settings regarding emails and languages and choose other general settings for the application.

Users and Respondents

The users are all the people that are to use the program to create surveys and reports. They are divided into three user roles: administrators, users and report users. Both administrators and users can create new surveys and reports but administrators are also allowed to edit all the surveys and reports in the system whereas users are only allowed to edit the surveys and reports they have created or been connected to as authorised users. The report user role is suitable for those who only need access to a limited number of reports, perhaps in order to distribute them to a department or to publish them on an intranet.

The administration menu also provides access to the respondent database where all the respondents are listed. Here you can divide them into categories which can then be used as background variables in the reports.


Automatic translation

All surveys can be translated into up to 67 languages, Survey&Report is thus ideal for conducting surveys with respondents with various mother tongues. The actual application is also available in English, Spanish, French, German and Swedish which means it is suitable for international organisations, both large and small.

Other Settings

The administration also lets you choose settings regarding email accounts for mailings and other general settings for the application. If you have any extra plug-ins for your program, they are also available in the administration.