Use templates and save time

You can speed up the work by using the various template tools that Survey&Report has to offer. Templates are standardized structures that help you work quicker while maintainting a uniform layout and content.

Survey Templates

If there are some questions that you often want to ask in your surveys you can base them on a survey template and add extra questions to each individual survey. It can for instance be the case that you conduct various types of customer surveys, but that you always need to know the company size, industry and so on. Then you can create a survey template with "Basic questions" and add company-specific questions to each survey. Survey templates can also be useful if you conduct the same survey every year or after each project.

To save even more time you have the possibility to combine and add different sets of predefined questions (survey templates) to the same survey. Thus, you easily create a completely new survey.

Question Templates

If, instead, you conduct many different types of surveys but often ask questions with the same set of answer options, for instance regarding key roles, departments or products, question templates may be useful. Then you save time by not having to type in all the answer options each time. You also make sure that no option is ever forgotten!

Survey Themes

Templats for survey designs

You can create and use survey themes to ensure that all your surveys have a uniform layout and design, perhaps corresponding to your organisation's graphic profile. Survey themes determine the look of the survey as a whole, as well as that of the individual questions. There are a great number of settings for the themes, for instance regarding fonts, colours, margins, images and multimedia.

Report templates

These templates help you create the exact reports you need both quickly and easily. For each report template, you need to define how each question type is to be presented in the report. Once you have selected which template you want to work with for the report at hand, you generate the content and can then click to add new sections, texts, tables and charts.

Your predefined reports can be connected to one or more survey templates. Thus, when creating a new survey from one or more of these templates, you can choose to automatically create reports correspondingly.