Working in the survey software Survey&Report

In the menu on the left hand side you will find descriptions of the main steps and functions of the web based survey software. Let your creativity flow and discover the various possibilities of Survey&Report!

The program provides an intuitive user interface that lets you create, distribute and analyze surveys quickly and easily. 

The editing is simple and you can view the results instantly. Still the program is so powerful, that it lets you create and design surveys and reports completely according to your company's requirements. And if you ever need help or advice on how to use a function, the help texts and video tutorials are only a click away.

Being web-based, the system lets you connect to it at any time wherever you are. Unexpected meetings and presentations are easily dealt with by logging in to the software through your regular web browser!

Application examples for Survey&Report

  • Customer and course evaluations
  • Member surveys 
  • Attitude surveys 
  • Workplace evaluations  
  • Employee satisfaction surveys 
  • Website evaluations 
  • Registering paper surveys 
  • Brand awareness surveys 
  • ISO 9000 evaluations

                                                                                ... and much more!