The survey from the respondents' point of view

It is quick and easy to answer the surveys but the respondent experience differs slightly depending on whether the survey is of the public or respondent type. 

If it is a public survey, the respondent only needs to click the link to get immediate access to the survey. He or she then fills out their answers and submits the survey. Easy!

Respondent Surveys

Ansering surveys online

If it is a respondent survey, respondents instead get a message about it via email. This message can be either general or personalized. You can for instance choose to create a message that starts with “Hello {First name}”, the program will then automatically insert each respondent’s name. You can also insert a personal link that leads directly to a  respondent’s survey – Since they require log-ins, the program automatically inserts the username and password in the link. The respondent then clicks the link to get to the survey’s webpage, answers the questions and submits the answers. If the survey contains a large number of questions, he or she can choose to save mid-way if they cannot finish it, and log in later and finish the questions and submit the survey. If a respondent is connected to several surveys you can let him or her log in to a portal where all the surveys are listed and can then answer them one after another. 

"Thank You" Notes

When a survey has been submitted, either a “thank you” message or a webpage you have selected is displayed. This applies to both respondent surveys and public surveys.

Paper Surveys

Naturally, if you have the SR-Advanced Survey plug-in and have created a paper survey your respondents do not need to use the Internet at all. They answer the survey in a paper format and you then scan the papers and analyse the answers via the computer.