Create Surveys in Minutes

Create surveys by starting from the very beginning, by copying previous surveys or by using templates. Surveys can be customized via many different options - you can create them according to your exact needs!

Create new survey

Creating a survey is both quick and easy! The survey’s basic information lets you specify the survey type (public or respondent) and during which period it is to be active. You can also connect authorized users and add an introductory text and page headers and footers with your organisation’s logotype or your contact details.

Add questions


Surveys can contain as many questions as you wish and the number of question types is approaching 30 if the Advanced Survey plug-in is included. The question types determine how a question’s answer options are presented; When a question concerns a time period an interval may be suitable, whereas a question such as “Which web browser do you use?” requires check boxes or radio buttons. With the ”what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor you always work on and view the actual survey and you add new questions quickly and easily.



When you create a survey you can include questions which only certain respondents should answer. If you, for example, target people with different professions, you might want to be able to ask questions which only certain professions should answer. This and many other things can be done with the Conditions function. 

Here you set the Conditions which need to be fulfilled in order for certain Actions to be performed. A condition can either be a question which is to be answered in a certain way, or that respondents answering the survey belong to a certain respondent category. The different Actions which can be performed are that a question (or certain answer options for a question) is shown or hidden, that the respondent jump to a question, that a popup message is shown, that the respondent is moved to a web page or that the respondent cannot complete the survey and send it.

With Conditions you gather exactly the information you need - neither more, nor less.


Quota works in a similar way as Conditions, but with the possibility to specify a Quota limit, i.e. how many respondents can meet the condition before it starts to apply. The purpose of creating a quota can therefore be to limit the number of respondents answering in a certain way, for example when making an application.

This function can, for example, be used in order to create an incitement to get respondents to answer your survey: “The first 10 to respond this survey will receive a price!”

Multilingual surveys

Are you making a survey for an international organization, or do your respondents speak several different languages? No problem, Survey&Report lets you use multiple languages in one survey. The software has a simple interface supporting manual and automatic survey translations for 67 languages.

Appealing design

Create survey design

The program can ascertain that your surveys automatically receive a uniform design. You can also create custom designs for individual surveys, or work with one or multiple standard design templates.

It is possible to add informational texts, images and videos in various places in the survey. Perhaps you would like to use the organisation’s colors for the texts? If you wish to add your logo type at the top or bottom of each page, that is easily implemented by editing the survey’s page header and footer.