Reports at the Click of a Button

You can start creating reports at any time. Choose between 25 chart types – with or without 3D – and create visualizations and tables to present your data in the best possible way. Edit the contents to display the exact information you need, and save the report as a PDF or PowerPoint or publish it online.

You can generate reports quickly and easily via templates or create custom reports for individual surveys. In the tables and charts, all the results can be displayed in numbers as well as in percentages. It is also possible to include explanations as to what each colour symbolises in the charts, and add extra sections for text, tables and charts anywhere in the report. 
*If you are using a strict anonymous survey, close the survey first, then you can proceed to create your report.

Although there are many advanced editing options, the program is still easy to work with: Try it for yourself now!

Recoding Data and Creating Cross Tabulations

Edit report

It is possible to cross tabulate answers with various background variables. Perhaps you want to add information on how the use of different web browsers, trainers or gift cards differs between males and females or between people of different ages. This is done easily in the reports section. 

In other cases you may want to make the results for certain questions clearer, for instance by merging multiple similar answer options into one. Perhaps the original options were 'Very good', 'Good', 'Bad' and 'Very bad', you can then group them under 'Positive' and 'Negative' and are thus only left with two options.

Presenting Your Reports

The presentation is one of the most important steps in the research process. Naturally, the survey has been conducted in order to find out some vital information. Perhaps the results are to be used as a basis for a redevelopment, for an evaluation of a reorganisation or to scan the working climate at a school. Regardless of the results, or how you want them to be presented it is important that it is done in a simple and professional manner – and Survey&Report does this for you! 

You can export all your reports in a PDF format or for use in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, or export the raw data to Excel.