Surveys for every occasion

Below we have listed the types of surveys that our customers most frequently perform. As you can see there are many different survey types – constructed in different ways and with different intentions. Click the buttons below the descriptions to see survey examples.

Employee surveys

By conducting and analysing employee surveys, it is possible to increase the productivity as well as the overall well-being of your staff. An informative feedback allows you to identify potential problems at an early stage and lets you solve them prematurely. 

Example Survey   Example Report

Customer surveys

Get an insight of your customers’ wishes and needs! Customer surveys help you make the right decisions and provide you with valuable information for your company and your products. With only a few clicks you can generate significant reports and evaluate the results.

Example Survey   Example Report

Course evaluations

Learn about how you can improve your classes, courses and seminars! With the help of our survey software you are able to execute course evaluations, gather insight about performances, projects and much more. Using simple means, you can create effective surveys.


Health management surveys

A well-functioning health management is one of the crucial factors of successful companies.  Comprehensive inquiries and informative reports provide you with the chance to not only contribute to health promotion but they also help you to reduce the general company cost.


Market & Product surveys

Find out how to make your products match your customers’ requirements and the market trends. With our web-based survey software you have the possibility to easily create multilingual surveys, gather detailed information and obtain an accurate assessment of your products.

Idea management

Enhance your competitiveness and foster the innovative capability of your company with a professional idea management. By implementing regular surveys you are capable of catching and analysing a multitude of innovative ideas and thoughts in a very short time.

Surveys for quality management

Within competitive markets it is essential to ensure the highest possible quality for your products and services. Detailed inquiries serve as an instrument of quality assurance and help obtain extensive knowledge in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your work and quality management work.

360-degree feedback

Given the accelerating transition of corporate environment, it‘s becoming increasingly important to identify and evaluate the potential of your management and staff by using systematic surveys. Improve the efficiency of your management and analyse your processes through 360-degree evaluations.