Communication for a high respondent rate

Survey&Report provides a practical tool for simple communication with your respondents – a built-in email service for creating and distributing various types of mailings.

Flexible types of emails

First message

Send out emails to all respondents - including those who are connected to the survey later on. This mailing ought to include the survey URL but can be completely customized to your needs and wishes.

After the first mailing you can send out as many follow up emails as you wish, for instance reminders to the respondents who have not yet answered the survey. When the survey is closed you can send out a thank you note to all the participants.

Creating messages

The mailings are created using templates designed by the administrator but it is always possible to alter the content and design of each message. You can also insert both dynamic data from the program and type in your own text, e.g. “Dear Mr [Name]”.

It is possible to create several mailings when creating the survey, you can then trust the program to send out the mailings at the times you have specified and only to the respondents they concern.

Predefined e-mails

When sending emails from the program, you can determine how many days after the publication of the survey an invitation, including the survey link, or a reminder email will be sent. With this function you save time, since you do not need to write new messages and set individual send dates for each survey.