Survey types in Survey&Report

Respondent surveys can only be answered by those who have been connected to it via a unique username and password. A public survey public can be answered by anyone with access to the link to the survey.

Respondent surveys

Respondent surveys
  • A respondent survey is used when you know who your respondents are and want to make sure that only they attempt. This survey type also enables you to add information to a respondent category which you knew beforehand. For example the gender or age of the respondent.
  • The respondent can be imported to the survey in various ways: From a file, a respondent database and from another survey. With the Plug-In SR-LDAP it is also possible to import respondents from your Active Directory or another directory service. Afterwards the link to the survey can be sent to the respondents in a personalized email from the program.
  • You also have the possibility to answer the questions on behalf of your respondents directly in the program, for instance if you run a survey over the phone. If you are working with an anonymous respondent survey it is possible to see who has answered, but not who has given what answers.

Public surveys

Public survey
  • To distribute your public survey to as many respondents as possible you can publish a link to the survey on your web site or in your intranet, or send it out via email directly from the program.
  • You can also create a script on your web site which will open the survey in a Pop-up window. Having that option enables you to perform small surveys, for instance daily voting’s which show the frequency division of all participants afterwards.
  • In order to prevent a person from submitting their answers multiple times you can specify how often or how many times it is possible to answer the survey from an individual computer