The advantages of a personal trial site

There are several advantages to testing and evaluating our online survey program with a personal trial site.

First, any data you enter is available only for you, in contrast to our online-demo Try online  Only you can access the information you have entered. You are free to take your time as you can return to your trial site later without having to worry about anyone else changing the data. You are free to alter the various settings in the program, to design and create your survey and add respondents etc, and you can then see exactly how our online survey tool would work for your business.

Involve your corporate management with the testing procedure - you have an entire month to evaluate without stress.

How does the trial site work?

Start by entering your information in the form designed for requesting your own Survey&Report trial site  As soon as we receive this information, we set up your trial site and send you the URL together with the password via e-mail. Please note that this is a manual process and that it can therefore be delayed to the next working day if we receive your order late in the day.

During the testing period we will contact you to discuss how your evaluation is going. For example, you might find a telephone demonstration of the program useful, or you may have questions resulting from your testing. We are there to make your evaluation of Survey&Report go as smoothly as possible. 

The trial site is installed on our servers and you reach it via a browser. The site is available for 30 days from its date of creation and will not be accessible after that time.

Please note that we set up trial sites of our programs only for companies, organisations or authorities. Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient resources to offer this service to individuals.

In order to confirm that you are evaluating on behalf of a company or an organisation, it is very important that you can state an e-mail account enabling us to verify that you are acting on behalf of a company/organisation. Consequently, we cannot accept Hotmail or similar accounts.

If during your trial of the program you would like to run a complete test survey with Survey&Report (to a maximum of 10 test respondents), please contact us for authorisation.

If you have any questions concerning trial sites, please contact us.

Order your own personal trial site here