We have chosen Survey&Report

Here you can read customer testimonials from some of the organisations that have chosen Survey&Report as their survey software.


“We chose Survey&Report for three reasons: the price, good references from reliable clients, and a very smooth start-up process.The software is very stable and the users rarely have any problems. We particularly appreciated that we received a personal demo at the start, at which time we could ask questions about the software directly.  

Survey&Report makes it possible for us to conduct member polls, which we haven’t been able to do before. It is a quick process to put together small surveys for our members.

The support at Artisan is really great! They respond quickly and very often they can offer a solution directly.”

Fredrik Canestam


BBS Handel

"We are using Survey&Report in the quality management and controlling of our school. Regular surveys for our students, professors and our training enterprises are conducted with the software.

The fact that the program enables us to create and analyze surveys in a flexible way and thus facilitates our students to give anonymous personal feedback to their own teachers, supported our decision to use Artologik Survey&Report."

Michael Wörner, Chair of Studies
Vocational School for Trade, Hannover



"The survey system supports us in obtaining the opinions of our employees and customers and furthermore enables us to analyze all results in a flexible way. The extensive template functions assist us in reducing the time needed for creating and analyzing recurrent surveys, as for example questionnaires for internal trainings of our ConVista-Academy.

Moreover, we are using the system for polls, appointment arrangements and for customer acquisitions."

Christian Schroeder, IT-department


Conseil Général du Loiret

"Thanks to the Artologik program, we can rapidly launch internal surveys for our 2700 community agents. Moreover, the responsiveness of the support team allows us an efficient implementation for our surveys.”

Laurent Guignard, IT and innovation management


Fédération Française de Rugby

"We use the program Survey&Report to create surveys but also to collect answers during meetings and events. Intuitive and easy to use - that is how the final users describe the program. The possibility to perfectly customize the survey design to our needs is great.

Also the reminder function is very usefull. Exporting the results from the program in Excel format allows us to save time for the processing data step. I would also like to emphasize the intuitive ergonomics of the program which allow to easily transfer skills and knowledge as well as the easy handling as the software is web based. Furthermore I am very pleased with the responsiveness of the Artologik suppport team."

Denis Malmasson
Responsable Systèmes d'Information


Lunds universitet

"The fact that Survey&Report suits all staff categories and is suitable for different types of surveys is a great advantage for us. The survey tool is offered to everyone at Lund University: teachers, course administrators, employees within the administration and researchers. Students who need to do surveys in connection to their dissertations also have access to the program.

The functions which I appreciate the most is definitely the construction and distribution of the surveys, as it is very and the user has got many question types to choose from. Distribution of surveys, as well as reminders, are also handled in a flexible way.

Most of those who use Survey&Report for course evaluations analyse the survey data within the program’s report function. But the options to export raw data to, for example, SPSS and the fact that the user can set the variable name, makes it also possible to get started speedily and make more statistical calculations in the program of your choice.

As system administrator I appreciate the first class support from Artisan. If I receive a user question which is difficult to answer I know I always get help promptly.”

Ola Stjärnhagen, project leader at the Department of Evaluation and system administrator for Survey&Report at Lund University



"We are using Survey&Report for the course evaluations.
The program has a good user interface and offers a lot of good functions. The support is flexible and the online trainings helpful.
It is continuously further developed, often based upon customer's requests."

Verena Messerli, responsible for the quality management department
Pädagogische Hochschule St.Gallen (PHSG)


Region Gotland

"We use Survey&Report for evaluations of different internal trainings and for external evaluations where we, to mention one of our studies, created a paper survey which was sent to 6 500 respondents. We also do customer surveys both externally – as for example the Almedalen week – and internally.

The function I, and my clients, appreciate the most is the possibility to make paper surveys, which we can scan and get the result digitally. This saves many hour’s work. It is also great that you in one and the same survey can mix web- and paper surveys, regardless if it is a public survey or a respondent survey.

The program is easy to work with and logically built with a terrific help function. Should you, in spite of this, get stuck, the support is wonderful – friendly, capable and fast.”

Ulf Bendelin, Region Gotland



”We are using Survey&Report to perform customer satisfaction surveys – both internally and externally. We are very much satisfied with the program’s functionality and reliability. Our requirements and expectations are fulfilled in all respects. The software’s structure is based on the workflow of a survey and built up logically, allowing us to perform surveys in a very effective manner.

We decided for Survey&Report mainly because of the program’s high degree of flexibility and its extensive template and report functions.  Additionally, we appreciate the comprehensive layout settings, the possibility of creating multilingual surveys as well as the professional support.”

Lieven Böck, Executive Assistant
STUTE Logistics (AG & Co.) KG



"We use the software in order to perform student and teacher evaluations as well as for querying parents and companies. Survey&Report enables us to work in a very comfortable and professional way. The possibility to set conditions for the different survey questions is particularly useful. Furthermore I highly appreciate like the fact that Artisan reacts to customer needs in a very flexible and fast manner."

Claus Bünning, Alice-Salomon-Schule


ISPA consult GmbH

"ISPA consult GmbH uses Survey&Report for performing employee surveys. In addition to the intuitive user interface we particularly appreciate vast creative possibilities of the questionnaire, which makes even large and complex surveys easy to implement. Questions and special requests were solved quickly and more than satisfactorily, thanks to Artisan’s outstanding personal service."

David Caspary
Managing Consultant
ISPA consult GmbH


M&L Communication Marketing GmbH

"Primarily, we use Survey&Report to perform international surveys, which are set-up and launched easily, thanks to the intuitive user interface. After only a short introduction in the world of Survey&Report we were able to quickly create and design multi-language surveys. 

We would like to express our gratitude for Artisan’s support; individual requests are always welcome and the short response time is particularly praiseworthy. The System is reliable and scalable (we can up- or downgrade our license whenever needed) and the data security policies are meeting our expectations.

There is always someone in case we have questions or need support, the response times are very short and the corresponding team members (customer care, technical team..) are involved as required."

Francisco Ramirez, Project Manager
M&L Communication Marketing GmbH