TIME – time management made easy

Artologik TIME is the time management tool which allows you to register time wherever you are.

200x200_artBox3D_frontLeft_Art13_TIME.png [28kB png]

TIME is easily adapted to your organisation’s requirements and needs without losing its simplicity. The program works perfectly regardless the size of the company. Through smart licencing you can increase or minimize the version in order to suit new conditions.

Since TIME is multilingual it can be used within organisations with offices in different parts of the world. The users can easily log in to the program wherever they are and account for their time. This makes it possible to follow the projects in real time and you get running information about how the work effort is divided and how the project participants spend their time.

The report part lets you create both salary and invoice details and the data is exported to other economy systems with the click of a button, but you are also able to create invoices directly in TIME.
When a project is finished the gathered information in TIME is a good quote material for other similar projects.

If you would like to adapt TIME to your business the program offers two plug-ins. TIME-LDAP is a catalogue service and HD-TIME logs your support time.

Here you can read more about TIME and its plug-ins.