With TIME you can generate a number of different kinds of reports. There are several predefined standard reports and the opportunity to generate customized reports with the exact details you need.

Reports per Time Period

Example of monthly report

A monthly reports created according to the standard settings displays the users' own registered time for a chosen month. You get a good overview of which days have time registered on them and how many hours have been registered. Project managers and administrators can get a good overview of the progress of the work with reports on specific user groups, result units or customers and so on.

It is also possible to create reports with detailed information on the time registrations per day, per project or per time code for a chosen month. Time codes can for instance be normal working hours, overtime, flextime, billable time and others.

Reports per Project or Activity

The project report is used to create detailed overviews of the time and expenses that have been registered on a project during a particular period of time or since it started. The report can be used for a customer update meeting  or to check the working progress or any details for invoicing.

The activity report displays the time registrations per activity, but it is also possible sort the registrations according to projects or customer groups.

Salary Reports

Project managers and administrators can generate salary reports or salary details per user or for a group of users at once. All planned vacations that have been registered in the calendar can also be viewed in a holiday report.

Business Control Information

The registrations report provides details on the sum total of time registrations by one individual or per customer or project. Projects are only available for selection if they are ongoing and someone has registered time on them. The reports can be created for a day, a week or a month.