Invoices and Salary Details

With TIME it is possible to both generate invoice bases and create invoices in the program. You decide whether registrations need to be verified or not beforehand.

Invoice Bases

These can be created for part of a project or for the entire project when it has been completed. It is possible to select how detailed the information is to be. For instance it is possible to specify whether individual registrations or just the sum of all registrations per project, activity, article or time code is to be displayed. Both invoice bases and invoices can be exported in pdf format.



When an invoice is created it is possible to either use an invoice basis or to use an empty invoice template (all of the information then needs to be entered manually). There are also several other available options regarding how detailed the information on the invoice is to be when creating it, see above for more information.

Invoice Journals

By clicking on Invoice Journal you find all the invoices you have created in the program. Here it is possible to create new journals, edit journals, select how the invoices are listed and create SIE4 files for exporting the information from TIME to other business systems. 

It is for instance possible to view lists of:

  • Invoices per customer
  • Invoices per result unit
  • Invoices per account number
  • Unpaid invoices

Settings for Invoices and Invoice Bases

All the information about the organization is specified in the administration. For instance the details for invoicing, account numbers and result units for bookkeeping are specified here.

Authorizations, Invoices and Salary Details

Salary details can be created per user or for a group of users at once. A user needs to be authorized by the administrator before he or she can view their own and/or other people's salary details.

A user can also be authorized to view both invoice bases and invoices. All the settings regarding a user's right to view, create and edit invoices and invoice bases are managed in the user administration or in the central administration for user permissions.