Different users use TIME in different ways. Everyone uses the program to register time and administrators and project managers also administrate projects and create reports and invoices.

User Roles and Rights


There are three different user roles in the system: project member, project manager and administrator. It is also possible to customize user rights on a user-by-user basis and thus specify exactly which information different users can view and edit.

You determine the standard settings for the user roles and rights, based on your organization’s routines and processes. It is possible to alter these settings at a later date.

All users are authorized to add and edit details on time spends and materials used on projects. There are several other rights that can be given to either a user role or an individual user. For instance, a user can be authorized to register time and materials for other users and not just for themselves. Please refer to the functionality checklist for further information on this.

Only project managers and administrators can create new projects and edit activities. This is done in the administration. It is also possible to specify the required time intervals for time to be registered, for instance that a minimum of 15 minutes must be registered each time.