The Artologik TIME Work Process

The work process is different for different users. Project members mainly use the program to register time whereas project managers and administrators do that, but also use the tool for administration and creating reports.

New Projects

The first step of the work process is for the project manager to create a new project. As an organization you then need to determine whether all users are to be able to register time and expenses on all projects or whether project members first need to be connected to each new project. The setting is chosen in the administration and then applies to all projects that are created in the system. Depending on which setting is chosen, the project will then be available for registration either by all users or just by project members.

Registration of Time and Expenses

Registration per day

When a user logs in to TIME, the time registration page opens automatically. The user then needs to select a date, a customer, a project and an activity as well as a time and time code to register their hours. It is also possible to add an optional comment to the registration. If any expenses need to be registered, click on the shopping cart symbol. A pop-up window then opens where information on materials, travel costs or any other expenses can be specified.

The timekeeper is there to help you keep track of exactly how much time is spent on an activity. It can be found among the shortcuts in the bottom left corner of the program and it counts the number of minutes that pass from the time that the timekeeper is started until it is stopped. It can for instance be practical for measuring the length of a phone call or a meeting with a customer and so on.

Time and Project Overviews

The program helps both project managers and other employees keep track of how the work progresses. It is for instance possible to see how much time has been spent on various activities as well as how much of the planned time still remains.

Those who have obtained the necessary user rights can also create reports with information on various types of registrations or for salary details. It is also possible to create complete invoices in a pdf format and to follow up on and make records of when payments were received.