We have chosen TIME

Here you can read about customers that have chosen TIME and their opinion about the program.


Servio A/S

“We use the system to register time on our customers – so we know exactly the time consumption for each customer. We are very satisfied with the system, and would recommend it to others.”

Mette Britt Nielsen

Servio A/S (Denmark)

Robert Paysagiste

"Our company uses TIME to register the hours of all our 110 employees. This solution helps us to follow the volume of hours for each of our construction sites as well as the cost of our workforce per construction site.
We also use and integrate the data from TIME in our salary, avoiding in this way double entries or sources of errors. Artologik knew how to develop our solution to adapt it to our specific needs such as night hours, interface with a payroll software application and annualised working time."

Christophe Fontaine,
Administrative and Financial Manager

Robert Paysagiste