Artologik series

Artologik is a range of smart, web based programs that are easy to use. Using Artologik you will be able to create interactivity on the internet without a specialist's knowledge of the technology.

The Artologik products are characterised by safe operation, high speed and an intuitive user interface that makes them easy to learn and use. We constantly strive to create simple solutions for the user without cutting back on advanced functions.

The Artologik products have been technically designed to handle several languages. Since all the information is contained in the database, the products are capable of handling different languages to support work across borders and language barriers.

The web-based approach we use offers a number of advantages

  • No additional software is required. The only thing you need is a web browser.
  • The programs are easy to use so you need no training. If you know how to use the internet, you will understand how the Artologik products work.
  • Updating and modification of the software is done centrally on a web server. This saves time and reduces costs.
  • The web platform makes it possible to work with the organisation's information in different geographic locations, both locally and globally.
  • This makes remote work/ telecommuting possible. They are easily integrated with an intranet.
  • The Artologik products are multilingual. Each system has the capacity to change language without having to change the data. This means that you can work across national borders with the same document while each party involved uses his/her own language.
Artologik - Software for the web