Plug-ins - Additional Functions

Customize your support system with plug-ins to adapt HelpDesk to your organization’s ticket handling routines. Choose from an LDAP directory service, product registration, advanced ticket handling, or a connection to Artologik TIME. Do you need other functions? Contact us for more information and a quote!

HD-Advanced - advanced ticket handling

With HD-Advanced you can structure the support organisation in different levels, hence creating a delegation chain. This makes it possible for you to get a more structured way of working at the same time as the service level increases. The plug-in also lets you administer SLA (Service Level Agreement) with reports showing how you fulfil your commitments as well, as the possibility to set so that reminders based on the SLA times are sent via e-mail.

The plug-in HD-Advanced also offer functions such as: hierarchic object structure, classification, standard tickets, quick case, sub-tickets, ticket connections and end customers.

Read more about HD-Advanced (PDF)

HD-LDAP - directory service

By connecting HelpDesk to a directory service double administration can be eliminated since user information is collected automatically from a directory. This saves time as the administrator only has to update user information in one place. The update of this information occurs every time the user logs in to the software, or when the administrator chooses to import user information. Updates can also occur automatically, for example each night.

The biggest advantage for the user is that an environment with single-sign-on can be created, which means users only have to log in to the network in order to have access to the support tool.

Read more about HD-LDAP (PDF)

HD-SR - survey function

HD-SR is a new plug-in that connects Artologik HelpDesk with Artologik Survey&Report. With this plug-in you can send surveys to your support customers. You can, for instance, ask your customers about the customer service they have received and get fast feedback.

There is no charge for the plug-in. However, both Artologik HelpDesk and Artologik Survey&Report licenses are required for the plug-in to work.

Artologik Survey&Report is a powerful survey tool with a variety of functions. Customize your reports and publish them on your website or export them as PDF, Word or Powerpoint. In the price list for Artologik Survey&Report you can find information to help you decide which size of the survey tool you need. 

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Read more about HD-SR (PDF)

HD-Map - map function

With HD-Map you can mark a distance or area on a map (Google Maps). The function can be used for different types of tickets demanding area specification of some sort. Upon registration the customer mark the area which the ticket concerns and the ticket operator can get a quick and good overview of what the ticket is about.

If the ticket operator needs information about other tickets for the same area, it is possible to show all tickets concerning that specific area during that time period.

Read more about HD-Map (PDF)

HD-TIME - time registration

With HD-TIME you can time the work you put down on tickets and invoice customers down to the minute. The plug-in lets you manage the time registration with only a few clicks and you can extract invoice details and invoices in a smooth and easy way.

Apart from HelpDesk and HD-TIME, you need the time management software TIME. In the price list you find information helping you to decide which size of the software you need. You can also contact us for further information.

Read more about HD-TIME (PDF)

HD-Track - article directory

Complement your HelpDesk with an article directory to get an overview over which articles and products each separate support customer have, at the same time as increasing the service level.

The product directory easily connects your articles to customers giving you access to support history, which can help you in your work. You also see the reason for questions and issues handled by the support. When you know which products demand the most support you can easily organise the resources of the support department from that knowledge and steer the product development in order to improve the product and eliminate common problems.

Read more about HD-Track (PDF)