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TIME - web-based software for online time registration

Time registration tool Artologik TIME turns time and cost registration into an easy process and provides a great overview of all your organisation's activities. You always have up-to-date information on time spends and the work-in-progress for your projects.

TIME is designed for simple and continuous time management and for keeping order of the company’s staff resources. The program is flexible and can easily be adjusted to suit your organisation’s needs – no matter the size.
Specify how detailed the information needs to be and register time and expenses at once - from any computer, wherever you are! This provides you with a practical overview of all your projects as well as good bases for invoices and salary details. The program also makes it easy to generate reports for evaluations and follow-ups.

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Five facts

Flexible user management

There are three different user roles within the program: project members, project managers and administrators. With the roles come different rights, which can be adjusted to fit each organisation. The rights can also be adjusted on user level.

Invoice and salary reports

With TIME it is possible to create both invoice reports and invoices in the program. Basic data can be created for parts of the project, as for the finished project. It is also possible to choose how detailed the information should be.

Attestation function

It is possible to activate the attestation function within the program, which means registered time have to be attested in order to be shown in invoice and salary details.


TIME helps project managers and project members to keep track of how the projects proceed. You can, for example, see how much time you have put into different activities and how many hours that remain of the planned time.


All users register their time in the detailed time registration menu. This makes it easy for the project manager to get access to information that would otherwise require a lot of work.

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