Learn more about TIME

In order to ensure you get as much as poosible out of TIME we offer training sessions in the program. The better knowledge you have about the program, the better use you gain from it.

Based on how your organisation works we plan which users that is to take part in the different stages of the training and where the focus should be. When our experienced educators plan a course they start from the options below.

Full day

The full day education includes a lecture and practical training. We do a thorough walk through the program and complete different exercises in front of the computers in order for the participants to be able to try for themselves. The day can be divided so that people with different user roles get separate training.

Half day

The half day training gives an introduction to the program. We look at the different parts that the program consists of so that users can start to work in the program on a somewhat lower level. 

Online training

We also offer training online using Adobe Connect Pro and the participants can follow on the instructor’s screen during the whole session. Our online training have an hourly rate and you decide what we focus on – maybe there is a function you would like to know more about?


Below you can see our training rates.

Online training 1-2 persons with Service agreement65/hour
Online training 1-2 persons without Service agreement90/hour
Online training 3 persons with Service agreement130/hour
Online training 4-8 persons with Service agreement195/hour
Online training 4-8 persons without Service agreement270/hour
Training full day
(travel costs will be added)
Training half day
(travel costs will be added)
Prices:All prices shown excluding VAT

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, or to discuss how a course could be fitted in order to suit the needs of your organisation.