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Delve Deep with Survey&Report - a web-based Survey Software

Access to the right information is crucial for every organisation. Survey&Report is the survey tool which lets you collect the information that is vital to your business. With a few simple clicks you may fundamentally change your ideas and preconceptions.

Survey&Report is an intuitive and multilingual software for creating professional surveys quickly and easily. You distribute it by both email and a link on your web site and you choose if you want the survey to be public – available for everyone – or a so called respondent survey which can only be answered by those you invite to take part. To ensure a high response rate reminders can be sent to the respondents and when the survey is closed automatic thank you emails can be sent to the respondents who replied. A few clicks give you custom reports that are updated with each new incoming answer. You can either publish the reports online or export them as PDFs, Word documents or PowerPoint.

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Artisan Global Media is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001:2013. This means that our information security management system fulfils the high requirements of the international standard. This certificate shows that we manage our information security systematically and that we protect our own and our customer’s data. Read more here.

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Five facts

Fast construction of surveys

You can save time by creating templates for questions, entire surveys, design themes or reports. It is also possible to copy previous surveys.

Easy to learn and use

The program is easy and intuitive and there are also instructional videos and help texts which gives explanations and tips for the different functions.

Quick distribution

Publish the survey on your web site, on your intranet or send a link via e-mail. It is also possible to send reminders in order to secure a high answering frequency. 

Customised reports

Survey&Report offers all the charts and tables you could possibly need – and helps you with the design. How about a report with several charts side by side?

Set the design

You can easily match your graphic profile with images, fonts and colours. Or why not create a unique design and insert a couple of video clips i the survey?

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